How the Holla logo was created

by | Apr 9, 2018 | All, Blog

The process

As with any start-up, the process of designing a logo for the brand happens early on and can be relatively straightforward or pretty stressful depending on the complexity involved.

In this blog post, I’d like to give you a bit more insight into how the Holla logo came about… So, let’s get into it. From the offset,  I made it clear to myself that the final version of the Holla logo was unlikely to change in the future, so I simply had to get it right.

Now while I am generally quite a chilled-out person, it was pretty daunting knowing that the logo we would end up with would represent the brand for years to come. And while a simple, stripped-down logo works for many companies, I didn’t want Holla to be displayed in simple plain text. This meant that I’d have to start getting creative. Uh-oh!

Some companies take the approach of putting out a half-decent logo which can be improved at a later date. I am not keen on this approach. I think it’s so important to be happy with the end result so you can move on and focus your attention on growing the brand with confidence.

I also believe the logo is one of the first things that your audience will think about when it comes to identifying with your brand.

Choosing the color

With all that being said, I still did no research on how to choose the best colour for the logo. My thought process was a bit like… Red? Nah. Yellow? Nah? Orange? Bless!

That’s not to say that I didn’t take choosing a colour for the brand seriously, but orange just felt right for Holla. I analysed the other colours, but I kept coming back to orange.

The shade of orange was still up for discussion, but it was going to be orange no matter what! Now, I am a big advocate on conducting research when making any important decision even though I didn’t on this occasion. And if I could go back in time, I would have read this article from Logaster for reassurance that I had picked the right colour.

In this article, they mention that the orange colour ‘is full of life and excitement’ so it looks like we have ended up with the right color after all!

Who to work with

At no point did I think of attempting to create the Holla logo myself. However, I knew that I had to play a big role in terms of brainstorming ideas and providing regular feedback throughout the design process.

When I first did a search on Google for ‘Logo design’ I came across a few sites that offered fixed design packages for really low prices. For example, for X amount of money you get unlimited logo concepts, unlimited revisions etc. It seemed too good to be true, but I thought what the heck, it might be worth trying, let’s see what happens.

Unfortunately, I was not happy with the results. When providing my feedback each time to a different representative, this representative would then attempt to relay this information to the design team which were located in a different country.

I wanted to speak directly to the design team, but this was not possible. So I ended up looking for a different solution. I wasn’t disheartened, this experience had reconfirmed that I had to either work alongside a talented freelance designer or a reputable logo design company with an in-house design team to get the right result.

After doing some more searches and speaking with a few freelancers and companies, I decided to go with LogoDesign who have offices in my hometown, London.

I was impressed with their portfolio and testimonials and after a conversation with Nick Burrage, the MD at Logo Design, I felt like I was in good hands.

He introduced me to Law Roberts, who was my main point of contact. Law and I spoke on a daily basis, and he was heavily involved with the design. I am delighted with how the logo looks and I hope you guys are too. I’d like to end this post by giving a big thank you to everyone at Logo Design for their help with the design.