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At Holla, we are building a hub of high quality content which inspires and educates generations for years to come. In order to achieve this, it will take hard work, dedication and a community of writers who share our vision. Whether you are an expert, a student, a young aspiring journalist or a talented writer, if you care about sharing knowledge and making a difference to people’s lives then you’ve come to the right place. After all, knowledge is power, why not share it?

We consider content which is…


Quality over Quantity

There are many sites out there that publish half-baked quickly written articles on various topics. The more content, the better, right? Well, that method is not for us. The content that is posted on Holla needs to shine, not fade into the background and be forgotten. We want your words to have a purpose and to be of real value to our readers. You can find out more about our values here.

Knowledge is power. Why not share it.

How to pitch to Holla



Provide us with an insight into the subject matter you’d like to write on. List the different aspects that you plan to cover. Let us know who will benefit from reading the article and why?


Our readers want content that’s detailed, well-researched and to the point. They want the information they need in one place. Tell us how you will ensure they get what they are looking for.


Are you an expert or industry leader? Are you currently studying the subject or do you have a strong interest in it? What makes you the standout candidate to write on this topic?

Submission Guidelines

Here’s a list of all our content criteria which you’ll need to meet if you want to be published on holla.com
  • Unlike other sites we do not have a guideline on article length, this is completely dependent on the subject matter you are writing on.
  • The article needs to be written exclusively for Holla. This means it cannot be posted anywhere else on the internet.
  • Our readers do not want to read the same information again and again. It is therefore important that your content is original and does not contain the same points from a post already published on Holla. You will work closely with our editorial team to achieve this.
  • We all like a moan sometimes! However, on Holla, we are all about positive vibes! There’s enough negative stuff going on in this world; we’d rather focus on the positives.
  • The majority of content on Holla is fact-driven, well-balanced and requires thorough research and actionable advice.
  • We only consider opinion-based articles from experts or writers that have demonstrated a real passion for a subject area.
  • Our readers love content that includes detailed research, facts, data, statistics and sources where applicable to support the arguments and insights you’ve put forward.

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What’s the editing process like?

a. The editing process is dependent on the first version you’ve sent us. We have high standards, and we expect content to be well-researched, detailed and to the point.

Do I get paid?

a. More information will be provided once you’ve applied to be a writer for Holla.

Which categories do you cover?

a. We plan to add new categories to the site on a monthly basis as we grow. Therefore, it’s worth getting in contact to let us know which topics you are interested in writing about, even if you think we may not cover it.

Can I pitch my idea?

a. Yes, we always recommend that you get in contact with our editorial team anytime you have an interest in writing something new on Holla. This will give us the opportunity to discuss it further with you, and it will lower the risk of your content being rejected. Please refer to the ‘When pitching an idea section’ on this page.

Do I need to be an expert in a particular field or have a certain level of experience?

a. This will be dependent on the subject matter and whether the article is fact-based or opinion-based. We will discuss this with you in more detail once we’ve received your application. However, at a bare minimum, you must demonstrate a real passion for the subject you are writing on.

Can I use the article on my blog or another website?

a. All content featured on Holla has to be original. If the content is published on any other site (your blog included), we cannot accept it.

How can I get started?

a.The first step is fill in the ‘Apply to write’ section above, and we’ll take it from there.